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Aqua Water Park
Aqua Water Park
Aqua Fun Park, Giant Floating Obstacle Courses. Family Fun! All Sports Fun!
These parks are specially built waterproof obstacle pieces that can all be connected then rearranged to form a race track or running track all while floating on the water! Except for the larger slides, all pieces are interchangeable. We design each connecting piece in 3m/5m/10m lengths etc. The larger slides and a few others like the iceberg climb are great individual pieces. We refer to these as "stand-alone" pieces since they are not connected. With the floating water park, the idea is to get the people back into the water (or falling into the water) as much as possible to keep them wet. Stand-alone pieces are drawing cards to pull you off of the track. Remember that if 30% of your people are in the water then the 70% on the track will represent a larger total of people per hour.
Once you decide to purchase a system,  you can then mix and match and add on as they see fit. that's the beauty of the whole design. It's very flexible so no park will be the same.
We have any many components to make up a design unique to your budget. Then we can customize the stand-alone slides to your budget and height requirements! So really, you will have your own unique water park.

Our designers will work with you to create the customized inflatables that is right for you. You can order any of our standard inflatables branded to your company through colors and logos or let us help you with a complete new idea. Our art department will work with you from the initial concept design through bringing the inflatable to reality.
1) Reinforcement. We make reinforcements at every weak points like welding seams, inside baffles, Conner etc.
2) Durable anchor ring. For anchor ring, we use 316 stainless steel material which last longer than other metal in water.
3) Durable parts. All our parts like handles, anchor rings are welded instead of glue, it’s not easy to peel off.
4) Stable Connection System. Jyue created original eyelet connection and anchor ring connection system which make the whole park very stable.

Jiang Yue has been concentrated in inflatable toys for many years and is able to custom make any inflatable products according to customers' requirements, we sell inflatables all over the world. Our water slides(the longest slide in Dubai is made by us), water parks(more than 2000 successful cases both home and abroad), inflatable tents and inflatable toys (land/pool/lake/ocean) have earned ourselves a good reputation for the excellent quality, fast production, prompt delivery, and price! Contact us to get the more successful cases' details.
Jiang Yue is the leading inflatable water park factory manufacturing floating waterpark aqua parks,inflatable water playground,etc.
During the purchasing stage of inflatable water park business,many inflatable water park owners are not sure how to choose the right inflatable water park supplier,because every supplier says"we are the right one".
The following advantages of Jiang Yue are described from both company general advantages and blow up water park product quality advantages,hope it's helpful for your decision
20 years rich experience
We have sold to more than 50 countries and hace more than 170 inflatable water park projects by the end of 2022
Testing pool for new designs
We have commercial water pool for our new floating water park items testing
Ready to ship items
Most time of the year,we have inflatable water park items in stock that are ready to ship.
On-time delivery
Our 98% on-time rate ensures your inflatable water park can open on time.
Low complaint rate
From 2018-2012,our customer complaint rate about the quality of the blow up water park irems is less than 3%
Fatory direct price
Compared with other similar brands of inflatable water park suppliers,our factory direct price can save 50-70% cost for inflatable water park owners.
TUV certificate 
All of our standard commercial inflatable water park elements are TUV certified against the updated standard ENISO25649.
Clear warranty policy
We have very clear warranty policy which makes the inflatable floating water park after-sale service quick and non-controversial
01. What's the price for Aqua Park products?
Jyue aqua park range from $ 350 to $ 13,195 
Jyue aqua park combinations range from $ 3,875 to $ 187,545
02. What is the difference between modular and standalone Jyue aqua park?
Jyue aqua park are differentiated into two categories: modular or standalone. Place a standalone product (e.g. the Ice Tower, Bouncer etc.) to your location or Sports Park to add more variety, challenge and attraction to it. Some products (i.e. Roller) can be attached to the Bouncer. The modular products can be connected to each other in any order shape and form.

03. Are Jyue aqua parks suitable for commercial use?
The products are made of extra strong PVC material and stainless steel parts designed especially for commercial use in all bodies of water and climates.
04. What parameters do I need to consider when choosing the right combination for my pool?
Water depth, budget, pool dimensions and how many people you want to entertain. We are happy to help you with this!
05. How is the water depth calculated?
The formula is: height of product + average height of a person (1.80m or 5.90') divided by 2. You can find all water depths in the product section.

06. How do you inflate/deflate?
The Electric Pump will make inflation quick and simple. You can also deflate with the same Electric Pump. In addition a hand pump can be used for some of the smaller sized products.

07. How do we know what the correct air pressure is?
A manometer pressure gauge included with the Electric Pump indicates the correct working pressure.

08. Does Jyue aqua park need a constant air pump for inflation?
The products do not use constant air inflation instead the products only need to be inflated once as they are sealed.

09. How are the modular Jyue aqua park connected to one another?
With 2 Connector Straps and 1 Safety Flap. The two Connector Straps are attached to anchor plates located underneath the products then the Safety Flap is placed over the two products and fixated through Velcro. Straps and Flap are included with the Jyue aqua park that can be connected.

10. How long does it take to setup the products?
As an example an Aqua Track (6 products) can be set up in less than 30 min by two people.

11. How are the Jyue aqua park anchored in pools and open water?
By using Jyue Bungees (3m/9.8ft) in pools to either race lane connector, ladder, start block or even suction cups. In open waters use for example heavy weight anchors made from concrete. The Jyue Bungees 2m / 6.ft that are pre-installed on various Jyue products will work as a shock absorbent keeping the products perfectly in position.

12. How are the products shipped?
The products are shipped in a double layered cardboard box. They are covered with a transport bag that can be used to store the products. We can provide various forms of transport via truck, air or sea freight through various carriers etc.

13. What accessories are included?
Each product includes an instruction manual (assembly, security, anchoring, information etc), a repair manual and a repair kit (glue, PVC-material) for carrying out minor repairs, if necessary.

14. How long is the guarantee and what is covered?
We grant a guarantee of 3 years on seams, valves and PVC material. Find further information, in our General Business Terms.
15. What do I need to know about safety?
All Jyue aqua park comply with state of the art safety standards recognized world wide. All materials, test methods, consumer information, and specific safety requirements comply with European Norm: EN 15649. These are regularly tested by the world wide known German TÜV.
If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.