OEM ODM Manufacturer Of Inflatable Product China


JIANGYUE  Inflatables Ltd is a premier manufacturer of inflatable buildings, 
modular building systems and inflatable work tents that are designed to perform excellently in any task imaginable

lower fabrication cost 
any weather 
all terrains. 
require less people to install 
erected in minutes  
pack away quickly 
cheaper to transport 
aerodynamic shape 
vehicle standing pads ensure secure placement 
withstand all weather conditions 
light and durable materials 
flame, and water resistant 
UV inhibitors. | modular 
linked together 
overhead suspension 
extremely large buildings



1. Parties
2. Storage
3. Health Care
4. Sports
5. Projective
6. Special or Corporate events
7. Festival
8. Exhibition
9. Advertising tent
10. Wedding tent
11. Lighting tent